Tim Boss : Ladies, and gentlemen, today we have with us, the #1 contendor for the Undisputed Championship, a former Champion himself, and former rookie sensation, Cloud Storm!

Cloud Storm: Hey Tim. Glad to be here today. What's on the agenda question wise? Gonna ask me about No Mercy n'all that?

Tim Boss : Of course I'm gonna ask you about No Mercy! And while I'm at it, try to get you to help me sell some of my BBQ Sauce... anyways, let's get right down to it. Going into No Mercy as of right now, you're the top face in the company... how does it feel to be appreciated so much by so many fans?

Cloud Storm: It's really a good feelin', ya' know? I come back and ge this warm ova' welcome, and also get a shot at a title that I won awhile back as the Rookie Sensation. Some people seem to think since I'm no longer a rookie, I can't be a sensation any longer, but I'm hoping to show them I haven't lost it, if anything, I've gained more in absence. My match with Switch will be one to remember, that's for sure.

Tim Boss : I'm gonna agree with you on that one Cloud. This match against Switch is definately a must see. He defeated one tough bastard in an Iron Man Match last night. That tough bastard is Ace... As I understand... you and Ace had some encounters back in your rookie year, and he was quite an opponet. So do you feel Switch has any edge over you, after winning such a match last night?

Cloud Storm: Eh, not really. Personally, when you're going into any match, both guys have a chance to win. It's how you use that chance to your advantage that determines the outcome. Ace was quite the opponent in my rookie year, as was Switch. Both improved, as did I. I guess it all comes down to either who improved more or who can last longer. When it comes down to it, it might just be so evenly matched that we'll just keep topping one another until we both fall, but there only can be one winner, right?

Tim Boss : Well, there's always a no contest right? Ha ha, just kidding with ya. Switch recently said in an interview that whoever he faces for his coveted title, would be destroyed in the ring. He's even gone as far to say he would eat the challenger's children. Are you sure you're ready to step into the ring with a nutcase like Switch?

Cloud Storm: He said what? Bwahahaha, that's rich. It's funny too, I have no kids, no family, none of that. I just have myself at this point, what's Switch going to do? Try and kill me in the ring? Eh, after what you said I wouldn't put it past him. Pretty pathetic though, making threats like that. Last time I checked this was a wrestling federation, not some movie where the hero dies in the end. We'll see who walks outta No Mercy with that title, Switch.  We'll see at a time where all the talk in the world matters not...it's all about who can survive, who the better man really is. Whether or not I win doesn't matter, what matters is that I push Switch to his limits, even beyond. And I can do it, I will do it.

Tim Boss : I believe you can do it... and for the sake of the WWE, and all of it's fans, I personally hope you take the title from Switch. Switch is a mad man, and he needs to be stopped! But let's get your opinion on some other things...

 Cloud Storm: Alrighty, let's.

Tim Boss : There's some other high profile matches going on at No Mercy... specifically two... a Legends Match between two of the best ever, HBK and Jon Ko! And a Hell in a Cell Match for the IC Title... between Raven and perhaps the best wrestler of all time, Overkill... Let's start with HBK and Jon Ko... who in your eyes, is more of a legend?

Cloud Storm: Personally, I believe HBK has a bigger legacy then Jon, but there's no doubt in my mind Jon has a huge legacy himself. Both have big followings from my understanding. Both are exceptionally skilled in the ring. It should be a fight to remember, though I'll be rooting for HBK in the long run, he's one of the few wrestlers who inspired me to enter the business.

Tim Boss : HBK is truly an inspiration... and I agree with you once again. HBK is more of a legend, and I think he still has that little spark left that made him so popular. Now, the real question here is... why isn't Overkill in the Legends Match? It's amazing that he's still fighting for titles, and in a Hell in a Cell no less! The man is remarkable... do you think if he was in that Legends Match, he would keep his own?

Cloud Storm: Honestly? Yes. Overkill has a huge legacy and following himself, and I believe he too has that spark in him to pull off a great match. Now if it were a three way elimination legends match, that would make the event so much better. But I guess sometimes we have to go with the cards we're dealt, the match will be an amazing one already none-the-less.

Tim Boss : Amazing to say the least. How do you think his match is going to go with Raven? Raven did defeat HBK the other night to win the Intercontinental Title, so at this point in his career, Raven is looking pretty tough...

Cloud Storm: Raven's always impressed me, he's a good wrestler, a good Hardcore wrestler. Some would say he's one of the bigger reasons hardcore is around today in the WWE, along with a select other few. People like Tommy Dreamer and whatnot have all innovated hardcore, Raven's right up there with them. Both men will have their hands full taking on one another, should be a pretty good match.

Tim Boss : Well, hopefully these 6 men, including yourself of course, put on an amazing show, and as usual, I have no doubt they will. That about does it for today, I'd like to thank the #1 Contendor, Cloud Storm, and Subway, the official Sponsor of No Mercy 2003! Cloud, I'll give you the last word today, any words for your fans out there, or even your opponet, Switch, in two weeks?

Cloud Storm: A few words. To the fans, don't give up hope if I walk outta No Mercy without gold on my shoulder. It won't matter, I'll never give up, I'll keep fighting, and I ain't plannin' on lettin' you guys down. Switch, prepare for the biggest ride of your career, no no, your whole damn LIFE, come No Mercy. Because win or lose, you'll go on the South Texas Deathride, and you'll be hearin' the Clap Of Thunder, rest assured. You ain't walkin' outta No Mercy without feeling the wrath of 'The Perfect Storm'