Armageddon kicked off live from the Office Depot Center, in Sunrise Florida! Commentators, Mike T and Maj greeted an excited crowd. For the first match of the night, Sir Satan and Dj Terlaak both made their way to the ring. After an even match, it was decided thet because of conduct, Dj Terlaak would lose the match. Sir Satan was guaranteed another match that night because of quality of his first one with Terlaak.
Sir Satan stayed in the ring though, and introduced four beautiful women for the 4 Way Bikini Contest. Sammy, Torrie Wilson, Sara Calloway, and Aimee made their way to the ring in robes. At the crowd's request all women undressed themselves. Satan got the crowd into it, and it was decided that Sammy would win this one!
The National Champion was making his way to the ring before his title defense match to address the crowd, only to be attacked from behind by Drew Styles. Both men brought it to the ring, and after a brutal match-up, Nick Starr retained his title.

After a brief intermission, Armageddon returned! Kurt Angle made his way to the ring, with a flurry of "You Suck" cheers welcoming him! He stood in the ring brandishing his gold medals as Mike Evil's music hit! The crowd came to their feet, and cheered for Mike as he made his way to the ring. A Cell then lowered around the ring, and the match for #1 Contendorship for the Undisputed Title was on! After a few minutes, a truck rode down the ramp towards the ring! Both doors opened, and Dj Terlaak and Smackdown GM, Steve Williams stepped out! Steve chained the Cell to the truck, and literally took out one side of the Cell! Steve Williams and Dj Terlaak then attacked Mike Evil, and left the ring. Kurt Angle went to Angle Slam Mike, only to be reversed, and hit with YOUR PAIN! Mike Evil then pinned Kurt Angle to become the #1 Contendor!
Andrew Carter, the EWF Chairman then came to the ring. He announced that ECW was coming to the WWE, and that Steve Williams, Dj Terlaak, Matt Sloan, Kurt Angle, and even Mike Evil were in it! Carter then went on to challenge McMahon to a match on RAW! Vince came out, accepted the match, then had Security remove Carter from the arena.
Brandonium came to the ring, escorted by his manager, Torrie Wilson. After a brief match, Brandon defeated 'Too Tough' Tony.
It was then time for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship! All four competitors came to the ring, Sir Satan, Mackenzie Anderson, Pheonix, and the champion, Corey Phillips.
Sir Satan and Pheonix brought tables and ladders to the ring, and took out Mackenzie and Corey relatively quickly. Surprisingly, Pheonix then layed down, and let Satan pin him. Corey announced his retirement after the match.
Sir Satan and Pheonix came out and announced that an old stable had returned..The Hells! Sir Satan was now Hells Satan!
It was then time for the Main Event!  Rey Mysterio Jr came to the ring greeted with a big pop! Mr. Showtime also made his way to the ring, with a lot of crowd reaction! Both faces stood in the ring. Edge then came to the ring, he automatically went after his former Tag Partner, Rey Mysterio Jr, and injured him, automatically ko'ing him! Mr. Showtime and Edge then battled back and forth for a matter of minutes. After a Victory Roll, and a bunch of other technical moves, Edge managed to retain his title in a tough match up.

WWE Armageddon Results - 12-10-02

HEAT - Mack Johnson d. Matt Sloan [ via DQ]
Sir Satan d. Dj Terlaak
Sammy d. Torrie &  Sara & Aimee [4 Way Bikini Contest ]
Nick Starr d. Drew Styles [ WWE National Championship ]
Mike Evil d. Kurt Angle [HIAC/#1Contendorship for Undisputed Title]
Andrew Carter cut promo
Brandonium d. 'Too Tough' Tony w/ Torrie Wilson
Sir Satan d. Pheonix & Corey Phillips & Mackenzie Anderson [TLC]
Edge d. Rey Mysterio Jr. & Mr. Showtime [ WWE Rpg Undisputed Championship ]