Adam Wells
Height : 6'3"
Weight : 235 lbs.
Hometown : Las Vegas, Nevada
Finisher : The RGS
Career Highlights :

Adam Wells signed with WWE back in the "Attitude" era, around '00. Jobbing for a while, Wells did as hard as he could, fighting as many matches as he could; and winning most of them. After a year of Jobbing, he was promoted to a lower-midcard. Wells defeated Superstars such as Sean O'Haire, and Crash Holly. Wells decided to give up on the WWE, and got signed with All Japan Pro in the end of '01. Adam went on to win the AJP "King Of The Deathmatch" title, and held it, for 3 months, until he broke both of his legs, while being tossed off of a 50 foot scaffold through three C4 exploding barbwire wrapped tables, by Hayabusa.

After Wells fuller recovered, AJP decided to hang him up, by making him Job once again. He quit AJP, and once again came to the WWE. It was now '02 and Wells was Tat'd with "UNSCARRED" upon his abs. Ready to face new challenges, Adam Wells is a heavy hitter in the WWE, on of the Top Superstars. Wells' is at the top of his game, and nobody is going to stop him. Not until he is ready to fully hang up his gear, and go home.