Height : 6'4"
Weight : 240 Lbs.
Hometown : Toronto , Canada
Finishing Move : Edgecution
Career Highlights : WWE Rpg Undisputed Champion
WWE Rpg Tag Team Champion (2)

WWE Superstar Edge, came into the federation as one of the leaders of Team WWE. After defending Smackdown from WCW invasion attempts, he and the rest of Team WWE moved into RAW Territory eventually taking down WCW once again. During this time Edge managed to capture the WCW World Heavyweight Title from Rob Van Dam, and then go on to beat his fellow WWE member, Trip, for the WWE Heavyweight Championship making him the first ever WWE Undisputed Heavyweight Champion.
In addition to succeeding in the singles division, Edge has dominated the Tag Divison along with his brother Christian. Christian eventually left the WWE for awhile, leaving Edge to find a new tag partner. Edge found a new tag partner, and a very agile one at that when he teamed up with Rey Mysterio Jr. Both men managed to capture the WWE Tag Team Titles and hold them for the duration of the war with WCW. Edge finally vacated the title, and left Rey Mysterio with the choice of finding a new tag partner.